The 2nd Workshop on GRAph Searching, Theory and Applications

Praia da Redonda, Ceara, Brazil 25/02/2008 - 28/02/2008

The 2nd Workshop on GRAph Searching, Theory and Applications will be held at the OhLinda Pousada a hotel located in a unique natural setting, 2 hours from Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil.

Due to space limitations, this small workshop is restricted to invited participants. It brings together researchers working on problems related to Graph Searching both from the applied and the theoretical point of view. This year's meeting will also focus on tree decompositions of graphs. A (non-complete) list of the topics that are expected to be discussed in the workshop is the following:

Note that this workshop does not produce any proceedings and presentations here should not cause any problem for submitting the same material to a regular conference or journal.


There are direct flights from Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Miami to Fortaleza. We will also eventually provide suggestions as to possible sightseeing tours before and after the workshop.


Two "pousadas" are blocked to the workshop: OhLinda Pousada and Beija-flor Pousada.